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MascotEco-Tech works with you to develop a custom service to deal with your generated electronic, battery waste. We have access to a broad network of Recyclers that allow us to offer viable options instead of landfill disposal.

Since 2010 Eco-Tech has been providing solutions for consumers to recycle computer, electronic equipment, including alkaline, industrial/commercial batteries, mixed cables/wires, scrap metals, automotive waste, and many more exotic and rare items that can be recycled.


As an OES Certified Generator, we follow OES Standards that obligate us to work with Primary Processors for WEEE E-waste. All received WEEE materials are audited, sorted, and sent for recycling. For special and battery waste, Eco-Tech works with a network of SO Primary Processors and R2 Recyclers.

We work hard to stay compliant. Our current OES Processor Quantum Lifecycle is inspected by us quarterly and has many Certifications to confirm WEEE materials are recycled responsibly so you can trust that there is a secure supply chain of your materials.