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About Us

eco-tech mascotSince 2010 Eco-Tech has been providing E-waste solutions for consumers to recycle computer, electronic equipment, including alkaline batteries, industrial/commercial batteries, mixed wires, scrap metals, automotive, and many more exotic and rare items that can be recycled.

Eco-Tech in no way condones the exportation of E-waste to developing Nations. As a OES Certified Generator, we follow OES Standards that obligate us to work with Primary Processors for WEEE E-waste. For special and battery waste, Eco-Tech works with a network of SO Primary Processors and R2 Recyclers.

We are actively reaching out to partners in the business communities and local residents to educate and assist in recycling E-waste responsibly. We have a team of account managers dedicated to promoting green E-waste recycling solutions to the Waterloo Region, Bruce, Grey, and Huron counties.


Computer Refurbishing

pcrefurbsIn 2012, Eco-Tech began refurbishing and reselling purchased off-lease and wholesale corporate computers. All machines with Intel Core-i3 2nd Gen, or newer Processors are diagnosed and refurbished.

We pride ourselves on salvaging older computers and making them affordable to student, home, and business clients all throughout Canada.



Disclaimer: All the OES and SO Processors, we work with have been inspected by us and have certifications such as ISO 14001 and have passed the Recyclers Qualification Program to confirm all E-waste, battery, lamp and special waste is recycled in an eco-friendly manner.


The Environment

pileofewasteThe electronics that we enjoy every day all contain highly hazardous materials. Cathode ray tubes (CRTs) in computer and television monitors contain lead - which is poisonous to the nervous system - as do circuit boards. Mercury - like lead - a neurotoxin, is used in flat-panel display screens. Some batteries and circuit boards contain cadmium, which is known to be a carcinogen.



Precious metals contained in E-waste such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Mercury, Lead and many more can be reclaimed! By recycling E-waste we can save our natural resources, which are quickly becoming scarce and more costly