RPRA Recycling Program

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RPRA Recycling


OES E-waste Eco-Tech recommends all data be wiped off all storage devices prior to Recycling. All received storage devices are securely wiped using DoD Standards or physically destroyed using Certified equipment to eliminate data privacy breach.


Advisory: Eco-Tech is committed to providing no-cost recycling solutions for RPRA EEE E-waste, however some items do incur fees to recycle.


Accepted Electronic items:


  • Mixed wires: Power cables, ribbon cables, laptop chargers, AC adapters



  • Cameras: Analog, digital, web, baby monitors
  • Network equipment: Modems, routers, hubs, switches

  • Phones: Mobile, land-line, & VoIP



We currently do not accept:


Waterloo Region Recycling

Waterloo Region To learn how to properly dispose of items Eco-Tech Recycling does not accept, please visit the Waterloo Region Recycling Directory.