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Recycling Programs


WEEE Recycling

Commencing in 2008, the WEEE Program was developed by WDO in co-operation with OES.

Through a network of recycling and reuse partners who have met specific standards, 44 products are eligible for diversion from landfills.



WEEE Program


BIP Recycling

The Battery Incentive Program was launched in February of 2011 by  Stewardship Ontario.

Under the program items such batteries generated in Ontario are diverted from the solid waste stream for recycling.

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Battery incentive program

Lamp Recycling

Commencing in 2012, the TBTL program was developed. The program promotes the recycling of lamp items, diverting them from the solid waste stream.


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Take back the light program




Eco-Tech Recycling

We accept WEEE, non-WEEEscrap metals, including alkaline batteries, lamps, and many other special waste generated in Ontario.


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Harmful electronic waste



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