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E-waste Solutions

Eco-Tech offers many E-waste solutions ranging from data destruction to E-waste removal services. Eco-Tech will work with you to build a unique solution and meet your environmental strategies and business needs.


Secure Certified Data Destructionshredding

To ensure your data is never seen again, Eco-Tech can destroy data on hard drives, BlackBerry devices, smart phones, storage media device, or other IP/sensitive data either by DoD erasure or physical destruction using certified shredding equipment.

Eco-Tech provides a complete log of devices processed identifying them by asset tag, make, model and serial number.

On-site and off-site service is available to locations in Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, and Stratford Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm.


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Terms & Conditions: Eco-Tech shall not be liable for any claims regarding data privacy breach on storage devices supplied before, during or after service. Data Destruction Certificate provided upon destruction completion.


E-waste Removal

greenmanEco-Tech can evaluate what you have and devise a plan to clear-out your E-waste. Our team can handle de-installing your equipment or assist with consolidating loose items scattered throughout your office or warehouse.

Upon reaching our facility, E-waste is sorted by category such as: display devices, computers, batteries, scrap metals, lamps, WEEE, and non-WEEE materials. All sorted WEEE E-waste is then weighed and transported to our network of OES Primary Processors for processing and ultimate extraction of raw materials such as: plastics, glass, and precious metals.


Terms & Conditions: Eco-Tech recommends all data be wiped off all storage devices prior to such as: Cell phones, hard drives, digital cameras, SD cards, and flash drives. E-waste Recycling Certificate available upon request.


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Employee Engagement

employee-engagementEco-Tech makes collecting E-waste at your business or organization, easy and hassle free. Based on your requirements, Eco-Tech can provide totes or gaylord boxes for indoor collections and bins for 24/7 service outdoors.

Once E-waste has been collected, you may contact Eco-Tech to arrange to have the materials picked-up within 48 hours.


Terms & Conditions: Eco-Tech gaylord boxes and outdoor bins shall remain the property of Eco-Tech and should they become lost or damaged, Eco-Tech reserves the right to pass on replacement fees.


Wish to participate and collect at your organization? It's easy! Call 519-886-6801 or e-mail us!