Electronic Recycling Programs


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WEEE Electronic Recycling


OES E-waste

Eco-Tech recommends all data be wiped off all storage devices prior to Recycling. All received storage devices are securely wiped using DoD Standards to eliminate data privacy breach.


Advisory: Eco-Tech is committed to providing no-cost recycling solutions, unfortunately this program is limited and provides no subsidy for items other than OES E-waste and thus some items do incur fees to recycle.



Accepted Electronic items:


  • Mixed wires: Power cables, ribbon cables, laptop chargers, AC adapters


  • Cameras: Analog, digital, web, baby monitors
  • Network equipment: Modems, routers, hubs, switches

  • Phones: Mobile, land-line, & VoIP


We currently do not accept:


Waterloo Region Recycling

Waterloo Region To learn how to properly dispose of items Eco-Tech Recycling does not accept, please visit the Waterloo Region Recycling Directory.